before you enter

welcome to my personal website! i try to post my art, characters, and more here, but everything is a huge work in progress; some links may be broken and some pages may have content but will be unformatted.

please do not follow me if you are under 18. my site does not contain any explicit content and is intended to be mostly sfw- however, i am an adult making my site for other adults. if i accidentally followed you if you're a minor, please let me know so i can unfollow.

before you view my site; please read the following notes below:


my website is rated MATURE. while i mostly want to keep it SFW, some content may include:

  • suggestive images & partial nudity (never any explicit nsfw)
  • nonsexual artistic nudity (such as character reference sheets, art studies etc.)
  • body horror, gore etc. (generally mild; never realistic)
  • links to external sites and media containing mature content

in the future: i will try to find ways to censor mature images with a thumbnail, and click-to-view to see the image in full. i may also warn for any mature content on specific pages, site links etc. when necessary


i would like to make my site accessible to as many people as possible. however (for now) :

  • my site is desktop only. it is not mobile compatible.
  • javascript is required for some features to function or they will break if disabled, such as buttons and switches.
  • im a coding newbie with very little free time & energy to work on my site. it might take me a while to learn to improve things!

as i become comfortable with my coding skills, i will try to find ways to make my pages size responsive and acessible for everyone. please excuse the mess and thank you for your patience


please click on the large final fantasy artwork. or click on alucard here: